Facebook Advertising Course Curriculum


Module 1: Introduction to Facebook Advertising

  • Understanding the role of Facebook in digital marketing
  • Benefits of Facebook advertising for businesses
  • Exploring different types of Facebook ads and objectives

Module 2: Setting Up a Facebook Business Account

  • Creating a Facebook Business Page
  • Understanding Facebook Business Manager and its features
  • Linking ad accounts, pages, and other assets in Business Manager

Module 3: Understanding Target Audience

  • Defining target audience and buyer personas
  • Utilizing Facebook's Audience Insights for market research
  • Implementing custom and lookalike audiences for precise targeting

Module 4: Creating Compelling Ad Content

  • Crafting effective ad copy and headlines
  • Designing eye-catching visuals and videos
  • Best practices for using images, gifs, and carousel ads

Module 5: Facebook Ad Formats

  • Understanding different ad formats (Image, Video, Slideshow, Carousel, etc.)
  • Choosing the right ad format for specific marketing objectives
  • A/B testing ad creatives to optimize performance

Module 6: Budgeting and Bidding Strategies

  • Setting campaign budgets and ad spend limits
  • Exploring bid types (CPC, CPM, CPA) and understanding bid strategies
  • Using Facebook's Ad Auction to maximize ad delivery

Module 7: Campaign Objectives and Optimization

  • Defining campaign objectives (Awareness, Consideration, Conversion)
  • Choosing the right campaign objective for different goals
  • Optimizing ad campaigns for better performance and ROI

Module 8: Ad Placement and Ad Scheduling

  • Exploring different ad placements (Facebook, Instagram, Audience Network)
  • Utilizing ad scheduling to reach the target audience at optimal times

Module 9: Facebook Pixel and Conversion Tracking

  • Installing and configuring Facebook Pixel on the website
  • Tracking and analyzing conversions and events
  • Creating custom audiences based on Pixel data

Module 10: Measuring Performance and Analytics

  • Utilizing Facebook Ads Manager for campaign performance analysis
  • Interpreting key metrics and KPIs (CTR, CPC, ROAS, etc.)
  • Generating reports and insights to optimize future campaigns

Module 11: Remarketing and Retargeting

  • Implementing remarketing strategies to re-engage website visitors
  • Creating dynamic product ads to target previous visitors with relevant content

Module 12: Facebook Lead Generation and Lead Ads

  • Implementing lead generation strategies to capture potential customer information
  • Creating lead ads and integrating with CRM systems for lead nurturing

Module 13: Advanced Facebook Advertising Techniques

  • Exploring advanced targeting options (Interest targeting, Behavioral targeting)
  • Utilizing Facebook's Split Testing feature for data-driven decisions

Module 14: Compliance and Policy Guidelines

  • Understanding Facebook's advertising policies and guidelines
  • Ensuring compliance to avoid ad rejection or account suspension

Module 15: Case Studies and Real-Life Examples

  • Analyzing successful Facebook ad campaigns from different industries
  • Learning from real-life examples and best practices

Module 16: Final Project and Certification

  • Creating a comprehensive Facebook ad campaign for a specific business scenario
  • Presenting the campaign to receive certification for course completion

Note: The curriculum may vary depending on the course provider and may be updated to align with the latest Facebook advertising features and updates.

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