Significant insights

Social media is a great source of consumer data, but it's also very noisy. Every consumer generates thousands of interactions in social media. Some of them are important, some are not. Metricso will analyze all this information and sift through it all. As the result we'll provide you only valuable and actionable knowledge about your consumers.

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Areas of interests

Knowledge about your consumers' areas of interest, based on over 100 000 analytical factors. 12 categories nested into over 200 subcategories. Perfect for finding the right context to interact with your consumers.

Content analytics

Information about what kind of content, with specified examples, your consumers are likely to consume in social media. Very powerful if you want to find the perfect way of communication for your brand.


Places, venues, or websites which your consumers are visiting, both online and offline. Getting knowledge about where your consumers are spending their time will help you to reach them.


Communication layer
(coming soon)

Knowledge about your consumers is absolutely the most important thing in order to provide consumer-oriented communication. But knowledge itself is useless if you don't put it into action. Our communication layer will give you the ability to communicate with your audience in a very effective way.


You can manage one campaign in many channels from one intuitive and easy to use platform. Display, Social media, email, own channels, all in one place. No more switching between different tools. Now you have one to rule them all.

Tailor made

Our communication layer is tailor made for consumer-oriented campaigns. The only thing you have to do is set up a campaign, select segments, channels, and add creations, only once. Then just track results.

Target your audience

Communication layer is fully integrated with Metricso so you will be able to target campaigns to a whole group, a segment or even a single consumer. Profiled and personalized. How cool is that?