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your consumer

You already know how your brand is performing.
But in today's consumer era it's not about your brand at all. We're solving the biggest modern problem in the marketing industry. We're bringing you knowledge about your consumers.

your communication

Current forms of marketing are failing. Consumers are becoming totally immune to generic and irrelevant messages.
Modern brand communication needs to fit the consumer. Brands have to create relevant messages about the consumer, instead of just targeting them.

your consumers

Consumers are not alike, they are different, and forming them into smaller groups which have something in common is vital.
Our tool empowers you with the ability to divide them into meaningful segments.


We believe that real knowledge is enabled only when you work with a huge quantity of valuable data. That's why we're analyzing all user activities & behaviors in social media. Based on this, we're providing insights in 5 categories: demographics, geographics, psychographics, behaviors, and social.

layer (coming soon)

When you have significant knowledge all you have to do is use it properly. Our tailor made communication layer gives you the possibility to setup, run and manage campaigns in many channels, such as display, social media, email, and own channels. Campaigns can be targeted to one or several segments or even a single user.

and intuitive

Metricso will give you a lot of knowledge that you will love at first sight. Especially because we hate "spreadsheet style" data visualization and unintuitive interfaces. We know how important it is to show data in a fresh, simple, and clear way.


Only you decide what kind of data you want to see in our panel. You can easily narrow or extend the scope of visible data. For us, it doesn't matter whether you want to analyze one user or a million. You're in charge here.

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