Understand your customers like never before.
Real-time customer insights and trends for your brand.

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Audience Insights to know who your consumers are and Audience Trends to know what they are doing.


Actionable data about your consumers ready within minutes. Real-time data at all times.

data range

Explore data about people engaged in specific time range or on specific posts. You decide.

data input

Take a closer look at your own consumers - or your competitors'.

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the audience

Get to know your specific audience – their likes, preferences, real interests and what they are actually doing. In real-time, always!

Change your

Adapt all your marketing activities to your target group’s actual needs. Act in real-time, fuel your strategy with deep insights. Select the most popular celebrities, influencers or brands. Make data-driven decisions!

Target group

Ensure that your communication is with the correct audience. Understand your competitors' audience. Validate your communication on a daily basis. Make it personal!

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