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Sometimes you need to really understand how something works. Other times you simply need to see the results.

In the world of Data Enrichment and Customer Insights, learning how it works can get pretty complicated. So, if you’re into that stuff, feel free to read about The Social Grid, but if you just want something that works then take a look at our products and services, choose which one is right for you, and ask for a demo today…

The Social Grid

The Social Grid is Metricso’s unique data structure designed and built to provide a new level of insight into online activity and social media interactions. Comprised of behavioral data from a multitude of sources, this in-depth knowledge database covers over a billion people worldwide.

This complex matrix constantly analyzes hundreds of billions of interactions in social media – interactions which feed into our products to provide reliable, unique insights to help keep your business a step ahead.

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Metricso - Customer insight products that gives you the edge


helps you get under the surface and develop a greater level of audience understanding. Bring your customers closer through detailed category & industry reports.

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provides a new way of achieving synergy between influencer, brand and audience - delivering a level of partner compatibility and reach not found elsewhere. BrandMatch about more than influencers, it's about gaining a new level of insight to choose right partners for your brand.

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a bespoke service offering you a powerful inside line on your audience through individualized, in-depth reports.

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